EXPO VERMUT REUS is the first international Vermouth fair. It will be held in reus on 16, 17, and 18 September 2016.

It is due to be held in the Plaça de la Llibertat in Reus, an outdoor area in the city’s most central and comercial pedestrian precint.

The objective of the trade fair is to leverage the current popularity of “goig out for a vermouth”, wich in Spanish means going out for a pre-lunch drink and appetiser, or tapas, although the aim is also to promote vermouth as a drink that is ideal for any time during the day.

Organised by the Vermouth Museum of Reus, with the collaboration of the City Council of Reus, the Chamber of Commerce of Reus and el Tomb de Reus.



EXPOVERMUT will be located in the Plaça Llibertat in Reus, and will have the format of modular stands in islands of two/three exhibitors, set up around the square.It will also be possible to create a Premium Area for any brands that so wish, with a view to holding product presentations, specialised tasting sessions or any other kind of marketing or public relations event. This format will make it possible to create a global space with specifically defined areas:

  • entrance / welcome point at one end
  • central terrace where products can be tasted
  • Stage at the other end
  • VIP areas for Premium participants
  • EXPOVERMUT information area and ticket sales


EXPOVERMUT targets professionals from the restaurant, gastronomy and distribution sector, as well as the general public, the end consumer of the product.

The trade fair area will be open exclusively for professionals on Friday and Saturday morning from 10 am to 1 pm, whereas it will remain open for the general public the rest of the day.

When hiring a stand, each exhibitor will have access to a certain number of invitations to gift to professionals, since during the professional working hours, entrance to the trade fair venue will be restricted. The timetable will be:

  • Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm.
  • Sunday from midday to 7 pm.

Acces to EXPOVERMUT will be free. Visitors must purchase a ticket to consume items at stands, which will include a glass plus vermouth and snacks.

Impact of participation at trade fairs

Trade fairs are surpassed only by direct selling in terms of incluence on the selling process.

For 85% of companies, participation at trade fairs involves substantial savings, since purchasers and suppliers all gather in the same place.

Approximately 52% of potential clients close deals at the actual trade fair.

Trade fairs have an 80% possibility of influencing visitors’ decisions or purchases.

83% of the management of leading businesses rely on trade fairs trusts as a form of keeping up to date with trends in the sector.


EXPOVERMUT has been created to be a reference point in the sector and to consolidate its position over time in the trade fair calendar.

For this reason, EXPOVERMUT will enjoy the added appeal of a series of parallel activities organised for all types of audience.

The initial design of the events programme at EXPOVERMUT will feature:

  • Live music performances (concerts, DJ, cobla)
  • Fair and Street Market (exchange area)
  • Monologues, Magic and Comedy
  • Specific presentations by certain brands or products
  • Eating facilities (lunch, brunch, lunch/dinner with wine pairing)
  • Photography competition
  • Blogger Forum

Some of these activities will be organised by EXPOVERMUT and others will be sponsored and/or organised by brands that are interesting in increasing their awareness.



Possibility of being sponsored by a brand, which involves:

  • Prominent presence in all EXPOVERMUT printed graphic material and on specific posters.
  • Advertising at specific areas (entrance hall, terraces, stage…).
  • Corporate furniture and fixtures (tables, chairs, sunshades) with silkscreen printing of the company logotype.
  • Use of a “private” area for special presentation in the course of the event.



Business Name*

Fiscal Address*

Tax ID No*





Business Name*

Contact person *


Telephone No. - 1*

Telephone No. - 2

Product or service*

Standard panel*


Location of stand to be booked - Tick No. in accordance with the indicative plan on the back*

Option 2 - Tick preference if your 2nd option is no longer available*






Space + modular structure (2 x 3 m.) + carpet + basic electrical panel


Additional furniture. Exhibitor 90 X 100 X 50

35,00 €

Additional furniture. Door

45,00 €

Additional furniture. Double door

160,00 €

Additional furniture. Chair

30,00 €

Additional furniture. Center table

30,00 €

Additional furniture. Flyer furniture

30,00 €

Additional furniture. Enchufe doble

45,00 €

More power supply 12,5 KW

105,00 €

More power supply 9 KW

80,00 €

More power supply 7 KW

80,00 €


REGISTRATION FEE (File processing, Fire insurance and Contracting Documents)

TOTAL CONTRACTED (Space + furniture)

VAT 21%



Spaces will not be assigned until the respective payments are made within the dates determined.

If conditions are not fulfilled within the dates determined, the space will no longer be assigned.

Payment terms - 50% at the contract signature and 50% before June 30, 2016 by bank transfer to ES61 2100 0418 4702 0065 9673

Latest contract date - July 15, 2016.